Vancouver began selling a newly invented "rice straw" in recent months. What's interesting is that after this straw is used up, it can be cooked into "rice noodles" and served on a plate.

Interestingly, this straw can also be used as "rice noodles" for cooking. After a year and a half of research, a company officially launched a new type of natural "rice straw". This straw is made of 50% rice and 50% cassava without other additives. It is worth mentioning that the production of straws mostly uses rice that is discarded and wasted.

The existing degradable plastic products on the market are difficult to decompose by themselves on ordinary ground and water, and it is difficult to handle them. However, some companies pointed out that the rice straws are relatively simple to handle, and can decompose on their own in about 100 days, and they can even be burned into "rice noodles" for human consumption. There is also a video showing that the rice straw becomes the object of food for the fish school after it is placed in the fish tank.

In addition, compared with paper straws that quickly soften after being immersed in liquid, rice straws last longer in the beverage. In cold drinks, the shape of the rice straw can be maintained for 4-6 hours, and in hot drinks, it can be maintained for 2-3 hours.

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Post time: Jul-16-2021