In November last year, the China Food Industry Association issued the "T/CNFIA 201-2020 Disposable Paper Straws for Food Contact" group standard, which was formally implemented on December 10. This standard specifies the basic requirements, raw material requirements, sensory requirements, physical and chemical indicators, microbiological indicators, physical and mechanical performance requirements, sampling rules, packaging, storage and transportation of disposable paper straws for food contact. The document makes strict requirements for paper straws. This standard has played an important role in the regulation and development of the paper straw market.
Changzhou Erdong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changzhou Erdong") complies with the group standards of disposable paper drinking straws, and stipulates the terms and definitions, classification, basic requirements, technical requirements, and inspections of disposable paper drinking straws Method, inspection rules, packaging, marking, storage and transportation, quality commitment, etc. Changzhou Erdong's paper straw machinery can reach a speed of 30 to 60 meters. The paper straw is firm and not deformed after drying. It can be used for long-term soaking in 70 degrees hot water and cold drinks. The glue is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and edible.

Changzhou Erdong's paper straw glue does not add solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful substances. It is suitable for paper/paper bonding. The glue is white, odorless and no residual gas. It is specially used for environmentally friendly degradable paper. Manufacturing of straws. Therefore, Changzhou Erdong's paper straws have the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, heat resistance and water resistance. The products have passed CE, FDA, FSC, LFGB, CNAS and other certifications. Both in terms of hardware and software, Changzhou Erdong is engaged in production in strict accordance with the standards of the China Food Industry Association. The paper straws manufactured are of high quality, green and healthy, and trustworthy.

Post time: Oct-15-2021