In the promotion and use of paper straws, plastic straws can be completely replaced. Because the structure of the plastic straw itself not only affects people's health, but also causes great pollution to the environment. In recent years, there are many large-scale catering facilities, and the use of paper materials has gradually been promoted. In many paper straw processing and production fields, choosing new equipment and pulp materials to process paper straws can improve the toughness of beverage paper straws. At the same time, it effectively Replace the use of plastic straws. The long-term use of plastic straws has brought great pollution to the environment. The problem of environmental pollution has attracted widespread attention both at home and abroad. Therefore, the development, production and use of paper straws has become an inevitable trend of the times.

Changzhou Erdong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced equipment to produce high-quality paper straws. Compared with plastic straws, paper straws have a certain degree of cleanliness, easy to use, and it has reached environmental sanitation standards. Therefore, paper straws have many advantages in the use process. Through the development and processing of new raw materials, the use performance of beverage paper straws can be improved. Therefore, the use of plastic straws has been banned in many countries and strictly controlled. Changzhou Erdong's paper straw machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple operation and strong practicability. It adopts a long-distance tension shaft design, which makes the raw paper more powerful, more uniform, low noise, and stable operation. Fully automatic paper straw production, high efficiency, can meet a large number of customer needs.



Say goodbye to plastic straws

In 2021, the most stringent "plastic restriction order" in history will officially take effect across the country. Disposable non-degradable plastic straws, non-degradable plastic packaging, etc. are clearly prohibited from being used. Switching to green environmentally friendly materials is the general trend, and the degradable plastic industry has recently become a hot spot in the market. Banning the use of disposable plastic straws has spawned a large number of market demand for biodegradable straws.

With the deepening of the "plastic restriction order", products such as biodegradable plastics and paper packaging have become key materials to replace existing plastics. The supply of related products and raw materials is in short supply, and many listed companies have joined the track.

Changzhou Erdong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of paper straws. It is a leading brand in the industry. Its main business is paper straws. It also operates PLA straws, bamboo fiber straws, sugarcane fiber straws, coffee fiber straws and so on. Production of tableware and other products. Its products are exported to Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has been widely praised by customers. Changzhou Erdong will go further and further in the field of green environmental protection.


How to balance green environmental protection and consumer experience


According to the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, by the end of 2020, the catering industry across the country will prohibit the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws. The investigation found that some larger catering companies strictly followed the regulations and replaced plastic straws. Moreover, in our daily life, the use of plastics and other daily necessities will be subject to certain limits. This measure is not only to help reduce the impact of environmental pollution, but also a big step for us to create a more ecologically civilized society. Therefore, when we go out to buy things, we will find that there are already many plastic products around, and now they have been changed to paper products.

Paper straws are currently the most cost-effective choice. Although PLA straws are closer to plastic straws in terms of experience, they are more expensive. Paper straws also have the advantages of safety and health, light weight and convenience, bright colors, good printing effect, environmental protection and health.

Changzhou Erdong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of paper straws. Its products have passed CE, FDA, FSC, LFGB, CNAS and other certifications. The products are exported to various countries in the world and are widely recognized.


Finally, in order to fundamentally solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic products, the most important thing is to change people's perceptions. From the perspective of environmental economics, limiting plastics and banning plastics is more to guide consumers to accept the changes in lifestyle brought about by changes, especially the adjustment of consumption concepts and consumption values.


Post time: Nov-11-2022