A few years ago, scientists inspected more than 100 sea turtles and found that every sea turtle contained plastic contaminants;More than 50 kinds of fish have eaten plastic garbage by mistake; every year, plastic pollution causes about 1 million seabirds to die; someone once found more than 40 kilograms of plastic in the stomach of a whale!

In fact, plastic waste pollution has affected more than 800 marine organisms, and these are just typical representatives of them.


A person's changes are not small, when we gather together, we can shake the world! Let us change the little habits in our lives, give marine life a cleaner ocean, and give us human beings a cleaner environment. Start by avoiding the use of plastic straws. The following 8 kinds of environmentally friendly straws allow you to easily replace plastic straws!

1.Paper straws


The same is a disposable product, paper straws can quickly replace disposable plastic straws. Although Erxi's paper straws are more durable, they are still easy to dissolve compared to other environmentally friendly straws. In addition, the paper straw will be mixed with a little paper taste. If you are very sensitive to the taste, you can choose other environmentally friendly straws.

2.Sugarcane fiber straws


This material can be biodegraded and composted, and it does not emit toxic substances after burning, which greatly reduces the damage to the environment.

3.Wheat straws


Similar to sugarcane fiber straws, wheat straws are also made of plant fibers, which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

4.Reed straws


The above 4 are all disposable items that can be degraded. Below are some reusable straws.

5.Stainless straws



The stainless steel straw is resistant to fall, wear, and rust, and is easy to use. They can be rinsed off with a special straw brush. At present, stainless steel straws also appear in portable models that can be folded or contracted.



It is similar to stainless steel, but lighter and more suitable for acidic liquids.

7.Glass straws


Although the glass straw is easy to break, you can directly see where there are stains when cleaning 

8.Silicone straws


The silicone straw is relatively soft, especially for children. It is not easy to scratch the mouth when biting and playing. It is the most suitable one for babies. However, it must be noted that not all silicone quality is qualified, especially for things for children, you must choose food-grade silicone, and have a test report certification!

9.Bamboo straws


Do not leave the bamboo straw in a damp place for a long time, as it is prone to mold. Store in a dry place after each use.

Most of the above 9 straws can be bought in our website, and welcome to purchase! Erxi will continue to launch several other products in the future, trying to meet the needs of most customers.

Post time: Sep-09-2021