• Brand: Erdong / OEM
  • Specification: 6*197mm, 8*197mm, 10*197mm, 12*197mm or customized
  • Material: FSC paper, food grade ink and glue
  • Style: Customized according to customer needs
  • Advantages: Non-toxic, tasteless and pure natural
  • Product application places: Bars, restaurants, tea bars and other entertainment and social places
  • Product attributes and characteristics: High temperature resistance, not easy to soften
  • Whether the product is environmentally friendly and easily degradable: Yes
  • Product technology: The cut surface is smooth without obvious roughness
  • MOQ: 100000pcs
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    The straws include paper straws, biodegradable straws, plastic straws, and so on. The production of juice paper straws also effectively reduces environmental pollution.


    Benefits of using juice paper straws
    1. The more important point is to avoid being choked, especially children. However, if an adult is driving, the cup with a straw is also good and convenient.
    2. Drinking a drink with a straw will not wipe off the lipstick or lipstick on the mouth, nor will it stain the cup.
    3. Cola and juice contain acidic substances, such as citric acid and phosphoric acid, which can corrode tooth enamel, even if they do not contain sugar, drinking with a straw can prevent them from touching the teeth.



    The reason for the deformation of the juice paper straw
    1. Because the paper straw product is a paper product as a whole, it is more sensitive to moisture.
    If the environment is relatively humid, the moisture contained in the air can easily enter the product and increase the overall moisture content, which will reduce the strength of the product to a certain extent. At the same time, it is used to ensure the external force applied by some items. Under the circumstances, deformation also appears.
    2. In addition to being related to the environment, it is also related to the processing quality of the product.
    If the quality is good, it will naturally be able to be used for a long time in use, while the poor quality products will be much lower in use. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products of suitable quality as much as possible to ensure the surrounding environment. The degree of dryness, so that deformation and other situations can be avoided.

    The "green" discrimination of juice paper straws
    1. First of all, "look", to see whether the outer packaging of the straw is equipped with QS and whether the straw has a color. If there is a color, the safety of the straw will be reduced. The darker color should be paid special attention. Whether there are black spots, impurities or broken bubbles in the straw, because these are the characteristics of unqualified products.
    2. Secondly, "smell", smell the pungent odor before the straw is in contact with the drink.
    3. The third thing is to squeeze it with your hands. If you squeeze the straw, it will be flat and inflexible, it means that the straw is made of thinner material and the quality is poor, and it will be easily flattened during use.

    Cocktail Paper Straws-1
    Cocktail Paper Straws-2


    6MM juice,milk,water and others
    8MM smoothie drink
    10MM pearl milk tea
    12MM boba milk tea


    We can produce paper straws of different colors, and can print your brand on the straws, paper bags or cartons.

    Cocktail Paper Straws-12


    Our packaged or unpackaged paper straws are biodegradable and are manufactured in Wuxi, China, and are certified by FSC, FDA, CE, LFGB and CNAS.


    Erdong is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable straws & biodegradable disposable tableware with 10 years of production experience, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Our goal is to provide products made from renewable resources that can increase sustainability goals and increase the diversion of organic materials from landfills.

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